KidCarShop Safety Guideline

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Selecting Toys and Protecting Our Children

As a parent and caregiver, your obligation is to protect your child at all times. There are variables that we can control and others that we cannot unfortunately. When it comes to children’s toys, we must take full precaution and responsibility. As much joy as it brings to our children, they can be hazardous if we are not careful. To keep your child safe, we’re sharing with you these guidelines when choosing toys.


Advice #1 – Research Before Buying

When selecting toys for your child, make sure to check the recommended age sticker so you pick an age appropriate toy for your child. Parents and caregivers should be aware of the child’s abilities and maturity level, so take this in to consideration when selecting toys.


Advice #2 – Inspect Toy Thoroughly

Inspect the toys thoroughly before it is passed down to your child. For instance, ensure that all the functions and features (batteries, ribbons, fabric, beads, plastic, buttons, etc) are well put together and be wary of parts that can be easily chewed or snapped off as this can pose a higher choking risk for children under six years.


Advice #3 – Preventing Choking Risk

We emphasize the choke risk here again. All children under the age of six are at risk with toys that are smaller than their mouth. To prevent any chance of choking, inspect the toys thoroughly and make sure that all the parts are bigger than the child’s mouth to prevent any possibility of choking. If you’re not sure whether some parts pose a choking hazard, try fitting the parts through a toilet paper roll. If the toy or any parts of it fit inside the toilet paper roll, it is dangerous and you should not allow the child to play with this toy. 


Advice #4 – Physical Condition 

As a parent and/or caregiver, you need to understand your child’s physical condition before they are ready to play with certain toys. Otherwise this can lead to unforeseen and serious injuries. You should know that children under the age of six are always at risk of physical injuries so supervise your child’s activities at all times to avoid falls, slips, etc.


Advice #5 – Avoid Balloons and Latex

Did you know that latex balloons are the main cause of toy-related choking fatalities in children? NEVER allow your child to play with balloons unless you are supervising your child. Balloons pose a threat for adults so they are an even greater threat to children especially when ingested, there’s a high risk of suffocation so please avoid.


Advice #6 – Avoid Strings & Cords

Stay away from toys that have strings or cords attached (ie. old cell phone). Cords can pose a choking hazard as they could be wrapped around the child’s neck, causing strangulation.


Advice #7 – Avoid Magnets

Stay away from toys with small magnets. These magnets can be easily swallowed by a child and result in serious injury.


Advice #8 – Avoid Toxic Toys

Be cautious of toxic toys which are often times hard to identify. Look out for chemicals that can harm your child such as cadmium, lead, mercury, and arsenic. These are found in many dolls and action figure toys. Unfortunately, many toys today include the chemical called Phthalates or plasticizers which make the plastics flexible and durable. Always wash your child's hands after playing with toys. 


If you’re deciding on what toy to buy for your child, reach out to us at or check out the KidCarShop website, we have hundreds of toys, safe and fun - ready to ship straight to your door!